Conference: The Multi-domain Requirements of an Australian Maritime Strategy

  • 11 Apr 2024
  • 8:00 AM - 3:30 PM
  • Gandel Hall, National Gallery of Australia, ACT


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Williams Foundation Conference: 
The Multi-domain Requirements of an Australian Maritime Strategy 

A maritime strategy considers more than naval operations. It details the ends, ways, and means necessary for the generation of national power that serves all of a nation’s interests.

A maritime strategy must therefore contribute to other elements of national power such as diplomatic, informational, and economic, and is not enough to focus on military capabilities alone. It must address the broader efforts of Defence and the other agencies which contribute to the security of borders and the exclusive economic zone, as well as protecting the mobility of trade and data either on, above or below the surface.

In many ways, therefore, the objectives of an Australian maritime strategy are no different to other nations, especially those that also rely heavily on the oceans for the passage of trade and the development of economic power. However, the vast area of interest and Australia’s relatively small population poses a complex challenge when identifying the ways and means by which those national objectives are achieved.

In a practical sense, a maritime strategy requires a highly integrated, multi-agency, multi-domain response enabled by, among others, connectivity, logistics, bases, stores, and decision-making superiority. And with an increasingly challenging threat environment, this must all be resilient and ready.

The Sir Richard Williams Foundation Seminar, The Multi-domain Requirements of an Australian Maritime Strategy, will examine these challenges, gaps, and opportunities, through a Defence lens. Delivered in 3 sessions, the first session will examine the enduring requirements and characteristics of a maritime strategy. The second session will explore the opportunities, workforce and technology aspects, with the Group, Agency, and Service Chiefs in the final session identifying the priorities and personal perspectives on the future requirements of an Australian maritime strategy.

The Conference Program can be downloaded here

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